Educating America on

How to Battle Injustice

in Our Healthcare Systems

Everyday there are hundreds, if not thousands of

individuals nationwide who have to choose

between food or being able to buy their medication.

Some have even DIED because they were unable to afford

their medication. This because of the price gouging

and undeniable greed by Pharmacy Benefit Managers, or PBMS.

The time has come. Enough is enough.

Patient Protector is a forum to not only educate the public

on the tragic impact PBMS have on America,

but give them a place to share their stories so we, together,

can put an end to their greed by demanding transparency.

The Problem:

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Big Pharma and Healthcare Systems that work as corporations have been treating humans in need of help as customers - keeping them sick for their own profit.

Fight Cole's Fight!

Cole was just 22 years old when his life was taken from him. He was a free spirited guy with his whole life ahead of him. Cole was diagnosed with asthma when he was only a year old. Life was rarely "easy" for Cole, from asthma to poor eyesight, braces, ADD, difficulties in school, severe depression, a total blowout of his knee right after high school graduation. But finally, for the past couple of years, he was doing well!

He was living on his own with his childhood best friend, working full-time, enjoying being a young adult, and finally finding his place in the world. And then his life was cut short in January of 2024, just before turning 23 years old. He went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for a steroid inhaler for his asthma, only to be told that his insurance didn't cover it.

He was offered no generic substitutes, and no "step therapy" options. His only options were to pay an astronomical out of pocket cost that he couldn't afford or leave without it. Being 22 years old, with a rent payment as high as the asking price of this medication, he left without it. Five days later, Cole suffered a severe asthma attack, resulting in cardiac arrest and was in the ICU on a ventilator. He passed away 6 days later, just eleven days after attempting to pick up the steroid inhaler. Cole's passing was completely preventable.

The GREED of PBM's, and their tactics to put medication out of reach, created this tragedy. Let Cole's Story be Heard. Cole was never one to just sit back and let the "tough guy" win. He would never stand for this. So now we will fight this fight for him and every other American suffering through these injustices every day.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Meade

Sharing Your Experiences in Healthcare Makes a Big Difference

In Sharing How You Have Personally Been Impacted by PBMS & Injustice in the Healthcare System You Force Legislators to Act.

Listen & Watch Stories from Everyday Americans Who Have Had Their Lives Altered by PBMs

Dive into the stories of people just like you, your family, and so many others who have had their lives severely altered by the greed of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Learn About the Tragic Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers on Every Day Americans

Go through the vast amount of materials from videos, articles, infographics and even podcasts explaining the ways that PBMs take advantage of Americans every day through our healthcare system

What is Your Story?

How have you or your family been mistreated and forced to make difficult decisions regarding your health because of things like cost and location? Were you forced to get your prescriptions mail-ordered and having your overall health be put in jeopardy in getting the wrong medicine - all because it was more cost effective for PBMs? The horror stories of injustice go on and on, please share yours!

Make a Difference

By sharing how Pharmacy Benefit Managers have negatively impacted or altered your life creates the invitation for others to feel safe to share theirs. In doing so and banding together, we will give legislators no choice but to take the right action and push for PBM reform.

We Provide Education for You to Understand the Impact of PBMS

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